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Missoula, Montana Chrome Tote bag for sale. Made with local leather and handmade by Snowday leather. The leather purse is fashioned by premium white pants, white smart watch and elegant off white skinny belt by a Missoula local woman.
Tote Bag
Custom tote bag made by Missoula, MT local native. Chrome tote bag / purse / satchel is easy to carry and handmade with premium leather by Snowday leather | Missoula, MT
This chrome tote purse is photoed in local bike shop in Missoula, MT. If you are wanting the best leather goods products, shop Snowday leather
Tote Bag
This rugged location is in the heart of Missoula, MT. We specialize in the finest leather products on the market. We are the small handmade business that all the locals want. Either if you are from Bozeman, Billings, Helena, or New York, we can ship to you as quickly as we can make it. You can ask to customize the fine details for a must have high quality leather purse option for you or for a loved one. Get before we sell out
Tote Bag

Tote Bag

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Bag is perfect for a laptop and notebook. Simple and overbuilt.

Chrome tanned leather tote bag. 13" by 15".  

30" shoulder straps.

Hand stitched in Montana.

Straps fixed using copper rivets.

Natural comes in vegetable tanned leather.