I started Snowday Leather in 2019 while living in Whitefish, Montana. It was born from a need to create with my hands and fill time indoors during the long, cold winter months. It is meditative and gives me great fulfillment knowing what I make will be used for many years.


In 2015, I was gifted an old leather working kit. It sat in my closet and later storage until one day I decided to make myself a wallet. I was frustrated by the poor quality in store bought leather goods and wanted something that would last. I found hand stitching to be super bomber and the leather only improved with time and use. After a few friends commissioned wallets, I was hooked and realized a viable income source. 


Snowday is now based in Missoula and continues to grow. During the summer months, I sell at the Peoples Market downtown every Saturday. Fall and winter are full of popups and holiday shows and I continue to build our online presence. There are many challenges along the way but my goal is to build the business so that one day I may support a family and own some land.